Jet printing system


Highly flexible Organic vapor jet printing system

Collaborate with Prof. Yoo in KAIST electrical engineering


-      Objective

  Organic vapor jet printing (OVJP) is a powerful mask-free continuous method of fabricating organic thin film semiconductor devices. In the technique, vaporized organic compounds are carried by an inert carrier gas and jet-sprayed onto a substrate through a nozzle.


-      System


-       Electric device fabrication

    Organic thin film transistor

(a) Schematic diagram of the OTFTs. (b) Top view of the fabricated OTFT. (c) (ID-VD) curves as a function of the gate bias (VG=0 to –60 V) at 298 K, (d) 413 K, (e) 523 K. (f) Electrical mobility in the saturation regime of the pentacene-based OTFTs.


(a) Atomic force microscopy (AFM) images of the fabricated pentacene thin film-coated SiO2. (b) XRD patterns of the pentacene thin films as a function of the carrier gas temperature.


-          Numerical simulation

  To investigate the effect of carrier gas temperature

  Simulation model


  Simulation results

Temperature distributions in the jet spray region. Carrier gas temperature: 298 K, 373 K, 413 K, 453 K, 498 K, and 523 K.