Optical waveguide



Three-dimensional liquid-core/liquid-cladding (L2) optical waveguide


- Objective

·        To construct the three-dimensional L2 waveguide


- Experimental Set-up

·        CW Nd:YAG laser (532 nm) is used as a source of waveguide

·        Microchannel is fabricated by conventional soft-lithography

·        Horizontal focusing of core fluid: Dean vortex

·        Vertical focusing of core fluid: two sheath flows


Experimental Set-up


- Results

·        Core fluid is focused to the center of the channel → Fully L2 waveguide is constructed

·        Waveguide can be considered as a GRIN waveguide since the diffusion occurs from the core fluid to cladding fluid

·        Width of the core flow can be manipulated by adjusting the flow rates of the sheath flows


002_Upper view 동영상 삽입

Upper view


Side view


Cross-sectional view