Hyung Jin SUNG    
Office : +82-42-350-3027
Fax : +82-42-350-5027
E-Mail : hjsung@kaist.ac.kr
Homepage : http://flow.kaist.ac.kr
B.S., 1978, Seoul National University
M.S., 1980, KAIST
Ph.D., 1984, KAIST
Visiting Professor, 1986-1988, UIUC
Visiting Professor, 1991, Hokkaido University
Visiting Professor, 1996-1998, UCLA
Professor, since 1984, KAIST
Research Interest
Turbulence and Flow Control
Flow-Flexible Body Interaction
Opto/Micro Fluidics
Printed Electronics
Recent Publication
Recent Project
Recent Proceeding
APS Fellow, 2013
KAIST Grand Prix Academic Award, 2009
KAIST International Cooperation Award, 2008
KAIST Academic Award, 2005
KSME Academic Award, 2003, "Large-scale Vortical Structure of Turbulence Separation Bubble Affected by Unsteady Wake".
Inter-Research Technology Award (from President), 2003, "Development of Torque Converter".
Namhun Academic Award (The Best Paper Award of Thermal and Fluids Engineering Division, KSME), 1997, "Control of Turbulent Separated Flow over a Backward - Facing Step by Local Forcing".
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