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Caltech Optofluidics (Caltech) 
Laboratory for Turbulence and Complex Flow (UIUC) 
Experimental Fluid Control Laboratory (POSTECH) 
UCLA:University of California Los Angels 
Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (SB RAS) 
Flow Control Laboratory (USCD) 
Center for Turbulence Research (Stanford) 
Turbulence Research Laboratory, University of Maryland 
Turbulence Research Group (UCLA) 
TU Delft: Delft University of Technology 
Heat Transfer Laboratory (Kyoto Univ.) 
Mirco Systems Laboratory (UCLA) 
The Fluids Group, Ohio State University 
Center for Turbulence and Flow Control Research (SNU) 
Turbulence and Heat Transfer Laboratory (Tokyo Univ.) 
Center for Fluid Mechanics (Brown)